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Bubble football has rolled into Brighton!

Bubble football has now arrived in Brighton and is the new and unique way of playing the beautiful game! Zorb football is a sport like no other that involves players becoming securely strapped into a Giant inflatable zorb and thrown into the most hilarious game of football you will ever play! Smashing, bashing and knocking past or through opponents while challenging for the ball to try to score that legendary goal, this game has it all.

With games starting from a minimum of 8 players with no maximum number, the group is split into two teams and when the whistle goes everything is to play for. Games can be played from ages 10 years and above so it is ideal for all sorts of occasions! The decision is yours to make enemies or friends in this sport, when the game begins there are no fouls or cards to be given so choose wisely when you choose your team-mates. No playing ability needed so the skills of Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo will not help at all! The skills needed in this game are similar to dodgeball by avoided everything running at you and simply bring a good sense of humour and you will have an amazing experience.

Not really of a fan of football? Don’t worry the bubble football played in Brighton offers many mini games to keep everyone entertained and the laughter flowing! We hold events for nearly every occasion such as Stag or Hen activities, Team Building, Corporate Events and Children’s Birthday Parties! Brighton is known across the UK as one of the great cities for entertainment and now it has another great experience to offer.

Send us an email now to check availability and get your game all booked in – or use our contact form below.


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