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6 Steps for an amazing experience!

1. Pick a venue, time and date.

We take bookings 7 days a week and will travel to any location in the North East, just use the Contact Us / Book link above to send us an email and we will respond within 24 hours with our availability or use the number listed to get an instant answer. We cater for many different types of venues the only venues we cannot hold an event on is concrete flooring and astroturf in case of damage to the bubbles.

Venues such as Omni turf (2nd generation and upward pitches are all great for your bubble football experience).

2. Pick an event and get booked in.

Once you have spoken with us to arrange a mutual date and time we are free, you will need to speak to the venue you are looking to play at (note we can assist you to arrange). Once this is confirmed we will take your payment and schedule your booking in on our calendar. All bookings are on a first come first served basis so book early to ensure you get the date and time you're looking for. We recommend that group sizes of 12 people or more do a 90 minute session which includes not only more game time but more mini games including Last man Standing , Kings and many more..

3. Play, have fun and be safe.

If the equipment is not misused the game is safe as you are protected by the bubble. Obviously bubble football is a contact sport so there are normal risks of playing any sport but we will give a safety briefing before the game and give some rules that must be followed. During the game, as long as you listen to our staff members whistle and instructions you and your friends will have a great experience that will never be forgotten.

4. Equipment to wear during the game.

All players should wear appropriate sports clothing and sports shoes (football boots are not allowed) to minimise risk of injury. All personal belongings such as watches, rings, earrings, necklaces etc should not be worn.

Corrective glasses are not allowed to be worn in case of damage while inside the bubble therefore contact lenses are recommended for those in need.

Knee pads and shin pads may be preferred by players because if you fall, you will be using your knees solely to balance and stand up while your hands are in the bubble and when challenging for the ball. The risk of being kicked is still there as after all this is football.

5. Turn up on time on the day of the event.

It's important that you and all your friends arrive on time as each player needs to sign our declaration and listen to our safety briefing before the fun can begin. you are advised to arrive 10-15 minutes before your kick-off to get your game started on time

6. Enjoy Bubble Football!!

Our bookings start from 60 minutes and in that time we will go through the safety briefing, do some quick fun runs and games to get you used to the bubbles and of course the competitive game(s) itself.

We can tailor your booking around your needs ensuring your group has enough rest and water breaks. This is more about the once-in-a lifetime experience however the competitive people amongst you may disagree, either way this is an experience everyone will enjoy.


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