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Bubble football has arrived in Manchester and is a must try!

Bubble football is the unusual but hilarious approach of playing the awesome game. Players suit up into an inflatable bubble with only their legs on the ground to battle it out amongst each other competing for possession of the ball while using everything at their disposal to score some goals. Dodge and dive past your opponents, or directly at them, to get down the pitch and score for your team. Catering from ages 10 and up everyone can join in on the action. Divide into two teams and try to score as many goals as possible, but unlike your normal football game your encased in a huge inflatable ball!

Whether you're on a stag do, hen party, birthday trip or just a weekend away - bubble football will be sure to take it to another level. There's numerous mini games too if footballs not really your thing that aims to test the special guest, or the boss! Bubble football is hugely popular and a different way of enjoying a day out with friends or family.

The first thing you may be thinking of when you combine the words Manchester and football are likely to either be Manchester City or Manchester United but when thinking of the words Bubble Football Manchester it is a guarantee to be an amazing and memorable stag or hen party. Split your stag and hen players into two teams and fight it out ‘Manchester Derby’ style to see who walk away as the bubble football Manchester champions. With mini games to keep everyone happy and the stag/hen targeted get booked in now for the weekend of a lifetime…

Not on a stag or hen party weekend, no problem, Bubble Football is suitable for ages 10 years and above meaning it is a great ideal for a standout children’s birthday party, different and more enjoyable then any of the other kids parties before it. We host games all over Manchester so we can always accommodate your needs. A great day out with the guys and girls, a great work bonding session for all the people at work or as something different to your normal weekly five a side.

Send us an email now to check availability and get your game all booked in – or use our contact form below.


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