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Bubble football in Glasgow has charged it's way to the top of the entertainment ladder!

Bubble football or zorb football matches in Glasgow are taking the beautiful city by storm and becoming one of the most popular activities in Glasgow. Bubble football involves players splitting into two teams and setting up into an inflatable zorb and attempting to play a game of football. Games last 60 minutes and as soon as the game is kicked off make sure you know all of your surroundings, as with this sport fancy skills will get you no where. Players charge in for the ball trying to pass and shoot as normal and must quickly find the best way to duck, dive and dodge through or past opponents while trying to score a goal.

It really is an incredible game that offers fun and laughter for all who partake, whether you love football or not this is a must try event! Packed with laughter and exhilaration for the adrenaline junkies of the group, bubble football is enjoyable for everyone. With our packages there is also a wide range of mini games played to keep it spiced up where tactics and teamwork come into play to win. Zorb football is a game like no other.

Whether you are planning a stag or hen party, birthday, local grudge match or simply a way of rewarding the team, bubble football will have everyone excited. We organise games for ages starting from 10 years and above for any special occasion all across the UK. We make everything nice and easy for you, send us a message and we will arrange everything from the venue to the staff for the date of your choice. If its bubble football you're after then look no further we have you covered for the most affordable price.

Send us an email now to check availability and get your game all booked in – or use our contact form below.


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